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I love collaborating with other creative people. It always feels like we create something more magical than we could have made independently. Sometimes, 1+1=3

Gallatin Stream Teams

Gallatin Stream Teams is a group of citizen scientists who monitor water quality in the lower Gallatin River watershed in partnership between the Gallatin Water Quality District and the Gallatin Watershed Council. I usually volunteer in the field with them but spent one luminous autumn day capturing the team at work. It was an honor.

Lichen Lookout


My family and I created the Lichen Lookout as part of the Random Acts of Silliness's Bumblewood Thicket Fairy Village. We developed the narrative and built a structure with the aim of making that imagined world come to life.

Silly Monster Hats

My daughter was commissioned to create 30 silly monster hats for the nonprofit, Random Acts of Silliness, for supporters to wear as they marched in the 2022 Sweet Pea Festival parade, and I served as her assistant.

Chicken Portraits

Studio Session 1-520.jpg
Studio Session 1-712.jpg

Sixteen beloved chickens, three dedicated chicken wranglers, one long summer day and a bowl of green grapes made this portrait session a hilarious, exhausting and satisfying success.

Studio Session 1-553.jpg
Studio Session 1-614.jpg
Studio Session 1-688.jpg

(not everyone can be a supermodel)

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