“Love this article! I have always loved winter and snow and you have put all my feelings into words. Beautifully written!” ~ Carrie Lynn Adams Alexander, reader

“You have a gift for words.” ~ Jessica Anderson, reader

“Stellar writing!” ~ Marlys Honeymen, reader

“I think the best part of your workshop was the encouragement to keep reading. And not just keep reading, but read what you want. So often, kids get bogged down in what they have to read for class, they forget to read for fun in their off time. And when reading for fun you don’t have to analyze what you’re reading. I always hated that part of English class. I never got the same things out of stories that others did and always thought I was missing something or doing it wrong. Turns out I wasn’t!” – Mandie Krueger, youth librarian at Bemidji Public Library, commenting on my presentation, 13 Lies Your English Teacher Told You

“I really enjoyed your classroom visit! I thought the information you shared was great…I loved your reference to the size of information you researched to the amount that went into a book. I don’t think kids realize how important preparation and research is in life…Thank you for the great life lesson!” ~ Mrs. C, 5th grade teacher at Painted Sky Elementary School

“It’s undeniable, you are an excellent writer. I especially admired and embraced the emotion and spirit of your writing skill, which is not often seen in an author’s pen or in today’s business world. I congratulate you on capturing the true essence of the experience of being in Bemidji.” ~ Susan Goudge, Executive Director, Visit Bemidji, Visitors & Convention Bureau

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