field notes (2.1.18)

Reading: WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Rereading: ESSENTIALISM by Greg McKeown , RISING STRONG by Brene Brown and THE ELEMENT by Ken Robinson. These have become books that I read annually. They serve as such a lovely way to reset and reflect and then, move forward.

I released, i.e. stopped working on, a much-loved manuscript at the end of January. I spent more than four years researching, shaping, honing the manuscript and finally, finally, decided that it had too many fatal flaws to continue.  It was an emotional, yet freeing decision. The day after I decided to stop writing the manuscript, I felt free and right. I’ve spent the next weeks purposefully not diving into a new project. Instead, I’ve sat quietly, done intense journaling, examined all my old notebooks, journals, idea books, discarded manuscripts. And when my mind and hands got itchy to get started on a new project, I resisted. I mended pants, sewed pillow cases, knitted a cowl. I kept my hands busy so my soul could do its much-needed work. Resting, truly, deeply resting and reflecting is an act of rebellion in our culture. Each day that I’ve deeply rested has brought new insights.

My latest essay, DIFFERENT ADDRESS, SAME HEARTH will be published in Taproot magazine this month. I will share it when I get my magazine copy. I love this essay. I think you will, too.

“…a disposition to seek a shape for life from within himself and not in what he could wrest from others.” – from THE LEOPARD by Giuseppe de Lampedusa