field notes (11.4.16)

Oh November, I love you so!

My latest column: On Rejection

Current sanity-saving habits: not turning my smartphone on until after lunch, then setting it to airplane mode, and finally keeping my FB capped at a daily 10-minutes (kept honest with a timer)

Last week I drove a minivan for 900 miles and I’m embarrassed to admit that it was ah-mazing. So much space! (I usually drive a compact car, so the size difference was enormous)

Spent last week in Montana absorbing the landscape and taking great notes

Kicking of a 4-day Art Camp in which I will make all the things I’ve been wanting to make since forever: map stationery, tiny books, cyanotype prints, a skirt for my daughter, potato prints, paper marbling, I may even manage to sew a patch on the knees of my son’s torn pants

Collapsing into bed each night

Excited about all the changes that are ahead: trying to keep clear on what is the most important and let the rest go