field notes (12.11.15)

Only when I’m mountain biking or trail running can I imagine the boldest, bravest, truest version of myself. It’s  as if someone is pulling back a heavy, red, velvet curtain to give me a glimpse of my future self. These sightings fill me with hope.

I’m paying reeeeeally close attention and doing close reading, to determine how characters change their minds in a novel. I am learning so much.

I’m cutting and cutting and cutting words from my latest picture book manuscript. It’s thrilling to watch the words fall and have a stronger, not weaker, story for it.

Reading BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert, TERRIBLE TYPHOID MARY by Susan Campbell Bartoletti, THE LIAR’S CLUB: A MEMOIR by Mary Karr and DON’T LET’S GO TO THE DOGS TONIGHT by Alexandra Fuller

Filling the well this week with visits to: The Minneapolis Institute of Art to see the Delacroix exhibit, REI for shopping!, The Loft Literary Center, Wild Rumpus, Magers & Quinn, the Children’s Theatre Company to watch THE JUNGLE BOOK, watch an Omni movie about humpback whales at the Science Museum of Minnesota.