steady & vulnerable

My writing goals for this year are to be more steady (my computer wants me to write “steadier” but that’s not what I mean!) and more vulnerable. I realize that those goals may seem to be at odds. But what I mean by steady is that I’d like to not be so high and so low over my efforts but I’d like to just continue to plug along regardless of my emotions surrounding my writing.


As for vulnerable I’d like to share more truth in my essays. Sometimes I settle for the cheap ending. I must be willing to go all in. I’ve been working on my latest manuscript for 21 months. And I still hesitate in some subtle ways to really go after some of the answers to my research questions. So being vulnerable right now means that I will wholeheartedly research my ms. knowing very well that it may not get published. Or that I’ll have to scrap what I have and try a new form: instead of writing a picture book I may have to try writing for a middle grade audience or something along that line. I’m not sure. There is something that’s trying to get through to me regarding this story and it’s just not penetrating my mind yet. I fear it’s going to ask me for something that’s going to hurt.


Realizing that my current manuscript will never be perfect (because perfect is not possible) but that one day it will be good enough.