lovely links: February 2014

Montana 023

Mem Fox is brilliant and she kindly shares some of her brilliance

Seth Godin, “But what if I fail?”

Kerlan Collection of Children’s Literature

Kate DiCamillo to Be Ambassador of Young People’s Literature

Albert Einstein for kids

Cynthia Rylant interview

reading Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool, A History of the American People by Paul Johnson (this tome will take me a while), The Trumpeter of Krakow by Eric P. Kelly, Leadership Education by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis

from willa cather

Clouds 003“All this was very well for Harsanyi; an interesting variation in the routine of teaching. But for Thea Kronborg, that winter was almost beyond enduring. She always remembered it as the happiest and wildest and saddest of her life. Things came too fast for her; she had not had enough preparation. There were times when she came home from her lesson and lay up on her bed hating Wunsch and her family, hating a world that had let her grow up so ignorant; when she wished that she could die then and there, and be born over and begin anew. She said something of this kind once to her teacher, in the midst of a bitter struggle. Harsanyi turned the light of his wonderful eye upon her – poor fellow, he had but one, though that was set in such a handsome head – and said slowly: ‘Every artist makes himself born. It is very much harder than the other time, and longer. Your mother did not bring anything into the world to play piano. That you must bring into the world yourself.'” –  from The Song of the Lark



best word collection

Because of they way they sound or the feelings they conjur or the way they roll off my tongue:

clever, otter, honey, glory, Orion, north, avocado, algae, tipi, anemone, russet, tidal, chug, balsamic, pumpkin, pomegranate, shiver, gem, binoculars, lepidoptera, porcupine, edna, fig, buckwheat, jackdaw, saguaro, lupine, apple, flicka, scout, blossom, canyon, spoon, lantern, arrow, story, ferns, haversack, midnight, chinook, moss, canvas, flense, traddles, jaoquin, palomino, grizzly, gallery, thicket, brambles, nest, canoe, anorak, lupine, keen, sparrow, parka, archer, kestrel, poplar, speckle, canteen, water, watershed, breath, create, animals, wren, briars, satchel, hammock, thistle, star, haven, buffalo, lichen, scribble, ah-goo, goobers, mishmash, awesome, garbanzo, cranberry, solstice, moon, banjo, prairie, magnify, maple, sapling, alpine, nocturnal, osprey, tumbleweed, indigo, wow, boysenberry, appaloosa, step stool, pemmican, milkweed, thimble, acorn, opaque, bronco, sky, quiver, quill, quake, sleek, shadow, hosta, rhubarb, map, rucksack, lake, tiger, almond, moss, five, applesauce, bonfire, windigo, mountain, wildflower, eight, bungalow, rivet, dapple, tidepool, grove, joggle, elm, daisy, crisp, porridge, flax, spelt, teal, thumbprint, tableau, notebook, mend, cabin, true, hum, owl, dune, skiff, cove, cobble, barnacle, heron,  mull, forelock, rollick, wave, thatch, rhizome, cottage, knot, fjord, wonder, bog, kelp, wend, warble, marigold, geranium, pelican, professor, lichen, dandelion, galaxy, amen, echo, nautical, gold, lanyard, sunshine, firewood, gather, fountain, glitter, rainbow, wool, dew, pinto, shale, sea fog, lavender, quiet, feather, stillness, tiptoe, snowflake, jonquil, dawn, fleece, bluestem, sunbonnet, rocket, banner, ocean, nicker, hemlock, atlas, lodge, shelter, tower, fort, flense, artichoke, grid, paddock, wanderlust, twilight, book, coccoon, idea, tent, picnic, island, field, timber, rosin, treehouse, eskimo, apple luscious, pinto, shale, salmon, kombu, flannel, sundance, sur, cider, wharf, dusk, stew, slate, bread, sockeye, hawk, raptor, bucket, topaz, gloaming, hummock, oakleaf, bristlecone pine, glint, knit, glow, oleander, tamarack, violet, lilac, ponderosa, cedar, squaw, dosh, idiotic, twig, pistachio, baby, mush, belly, mushy…Sunset 001